Unit Development and Land Subdivision

If your generously sized land is suitable for development, we can assist in finding the solution that best suits the site and the local council requirements. We will liaise with the council planning department on your behalf to consider the current design schemes and maximise the potential of the land.

Analysis of the existing neighbourhood character will be undertaken so the proposed development will be appropriate for the area. We will work closely with you to develop a design that meets your requirements, while making sure that all council requirements are also met.

Many building designers will incorporate everything that their clients want, without regard for the neighbourhood character and local council requirements. This often leads to lengthy negotiations with council and possible refusal of the proposal by the council planning department.

We will endeavour to produce a development that satisfies all involve parties to make the planning process as quick and straight forward as possible. We want the result to be something you are proud to showcase in your development portfolio.

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Development Gallery

  • Greensborough

    Dual Occupancy: Three bedroom single storey unit with attached double garage built behind an existing dwelling

  • Ringwood East 2

    Dual Occupancy: Two double storey 3 bedroom units with generous living spaces and attached garages

  • Heathmont

    Dual Occupancy: Two double storey brick veneer units with attached garages

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