Frequently asked questions

Q. Do you provide on site supervision during the construction phase?


L&L Design and Drafting Pty. Ltd. is a company that concentrates on the documentation component of building design and wishes to maintain a high level of quality necessary to clients. We therefore do not provide this service. However, engaged builders have on site supervisors that will provide this service.


Q. Can you give a quote over the telephone?


Given the variance of all projects, and that each is unique to the site it will be located on, we insist on conducting some preliminary, non obligation and complimentary feasibility study on your project prior to providing any quotes. Therefore, over the telephone quotes equates to the same question as how long is a piece of string. Impossible to determine until more research is conducted.


Q. Why does it take so long to obtain a planning permit?


Councils across Melbourne each have their variation in planning policies, application procedures and overlays. Each Council will require individual assessment to all applications. As part of their assessment, referrals are made to many relevant authorities, and each have their own time frame to respond to.

We at L&L Design and Drafting Pty. Ltd. are bound to the relevant authorities assessment times. We do follow through all of our planning projects with Council to ensure they are being processed as promptly as possible and inform clients of the progress regularly.


Q. Should I buy a bigger house or extend our existing home?


We ask you to consider your family’s networking system before making the decision. Are you comfortable in the area you live in as it is within walking distance to schools or local shops you love? Is your house in sound condition but you are feeling a little cramped? If it is a yes, we’d encourage you to explore the option of extending your home to suit your current family’s needs. With the excessive cost of stamp duty involved in purchasing a new home, and selling agents commission fees, perhaps the funds are better directed to improving your home.

If you are not tied to the area you live in, are wanting to downsize or upsize, or perhaps have restrictive planning regulations that prevent you from extending or developing your site, you may be best suited to seeking vacant land for your dream home.


Q. Why use a building designer and not an architect?


At L&L Design and Drafting Pty. Ltd. we don’t profess to be architects. We work towards being the best we can within ourselves.

The old argument of ‘building designers vs architects’ is only pitting professional terminology categories against each other. Architects are registered within State based boards to use the reserved term ‘architect’ or ‘architectural’. Building designers are no longer limited to working for architects only. There are differences in education and board regulation, but ultimately it is the industry experience gained that makes the difference with the work output.

A building designer with extensive industry experience, or a reserved job title. Which would you prefer?



Consider this

Q. It's my block of land, so surely it means I can build whatever I want?


The local municipality of your property have observed, studied and analysed the area through its evolution over many decades. Subsequently, planning and building schemes and regulations are in place to be followed. Ultimately, it protects you and your fellow residents so you can enjoy the benefits of why you initially purchased the land. Whatever is constructed will be long lasting and impressionable to anyone that it looking to move into the area.

Perhaps the 3 storey mock Georgian design you love is no longer wanted if it was also proposed on either side of your property. Designers work with what planning and building specifies to find a solution that meets all relevant parties' requirements.


Q. I have a design I've already found. Surely you can just draft it up and I won't have to pay for the design.


The 'perfect' design you just found from another designer will have many development hours behind it. The request to copy it is a result in plagiarism and breaches the original designer's copyright. We do not undertake this unethical practice.

Great designs come from clear communication and takes much effort and time. Engaging a building designer but using someone else's design negates the purpose of engagement and will simply not work.

If you have a particular design in mind, extract the reasons of why it appeals to you, and let us make suggestions of adapting these qualities into a custom design for your requirements.


Q. Can you reduce your rates?


Can we reduce our service and quality, and bring in shortcuts to your design? I'm sure your immediate answer is no.

We believe great designs and documentation come from clear communication, time, research and expertise. Reduction in fees compromise this. If you're looking to save on rates, ask L&L Design and Drafting how this can be done without compromising our service. There are always methods to save across the entire project, such as a change in building material or fixtures and fittings.

Great design and documentation takes time. You deserve to have this.


Q. I have no budget/my budget can't be disclosed.


We all have a budget with everything we invest in or purchase. Communication is paramount when engaging a building designer. Imagine how disheartening it would be to invest time in that perfect design, only to discover you can't really afford to construct because it's too large. Imagine also how easily this could be avoided if your construction budget is disclosed during discussions with your designer.