Building Design Services Overview

At L&L Design and Drafting, we are proud to specialise in design and documentation in the residential sector of the building industry. We take a personalised approach with every project to ensure the long term requirements of our clients are catered for.

Whether it be a modest extension or a large scale family home, each project requires thoughtful consideration. Our ultimate goal is to achieve a solution that is right for you. We absolutely stand by our design work. It pays to use a registered practitioner.

Some firms offer only design work, but do not provide further developed documentation to the working drawing phase, as they are not insured and registered practitioners. This leaves clients to find an alternative building designer that is prepared to take on another company's work. This is a costly exercise to the client, as drawings require full reproduction and potential redesign if the work is below par. We consider this to be a substandard practice within our industry.

At L&L Design and Drafting, we are proud of our efforts and support our designs by backing them up with the ability to provide quality construction documentation and support.

Our Services

  • Site feasibility assessment
  • Design consultation
  • Townplanning drawings
  • Working drawings
  • Co-ordination of consultants

Renovations and Extensions

Let us help you transform your home.

New Homes

We can help you to design the home of your dreams.

Unit Development

Our knowledge of the planning process will help you to achieve your development goals.

Design Procedure


Initial Contact:

We will discuss with you your project requirements over the telephone in length to understand your ultimate goals. A design brief is formulated with advice on how it’s best to achieve your aim. It is suggested after the initial telephone conversation that our company review your site to understand the opportunities and constraints involved. This may be in the form of contact with the relevant Council authority, the study of aerial photography or a personal site visit, or a combination of these methods. At this point, the requirement of a planning permit, building permit or both will be determined. This is at no cost and no obligation.

Obligation Free Quote:

A written, obligation free quote is forwarded to you outlining each stage required for the design and documentation process. Upon agreement of the quote, the client is to sign and return paperwork to our office and pay any specified deposit, to book their project in immediately.

Site Visit:

If a site visit was not conducted during initial contact, one will now be completed, along with a meeting with the client (up to one hour) to firm up the design brief.

Land and Feature Survey:

A licensed and registered land surveyor is engaged to establish title boundaries, fence locations, ground levels, tree location, pits, services and other distinguishing features that can affect the potential building design. This process is critical to ensure we have the right base to work off and we do not commence any projects without it.


Internal House Measure:

An internal house measure is conducted with the use of the land and feature survey to prepare existing conditions plans.
This is relevant for extensions and developments that are retaining existing buildings.

Sketch Design:

A sketch design can now be drawn, taking into consideration the client brief and existing conditions of the site. The sketch can be documented in either hand sketch or computer aided drafting (CAD) format. The sketch will be presented to the client for comment. We encourage our clients to take their time in reviewing sketches over a number of weeks, as there are countless elements to absorb and discuss with family. Any alterations required are recommended to be made during this stage, as adjustments at a later date will result in major time delays and additional cost to the client.

Townplanning Documents and Application:

If the project requires Council townplanning approval, documents are prepared for the application process. This may include a site context plan, design response, existing conditions plan, proposed floor plan, elevations, shadow diagrams, planning report and response to Council policies. We can negotiate with Council on behalf of the client for the duration of the planning process.
We do recommend for difficult sites or developments exceeding 2 units that a professional townplanner be engaged to negotiate with Council.

Working/Construction Drawings:

Once a planning permit is approved (if applicable), drawings may be developed into working drawings. These are used for trade quotation and construction. These drawings differ from townplanning documents in that they are dimensioned and technically detailed for the purpose of site construction.

Consultant Co-ordination:

You may require further documents to fulfil the requirements of your planning and/or building permit. This may be a landscape plan, civil engineer design, geotechnical report, structural engineer, energy rating report assessment and the issuing of a building permit. We work closely with consultants to ensure they meet the required design brief that efficient and cost effective for you, the client.

Consultancy services

We can recommend consultancy services dependent on your individual requirements, as well as obtain quotes and liaise with any required consultants throughout your project.
Following is a list of some commonly used services.

Land and Feature Surveys

A plan detailing all title boundaries and site features. This will include site levels and contours,  as well as the accurate locations of existing structures, fences, trees and other site features.

Arborist Reports

An arborist writes a report detailing all of the existing trees on and adjacent to your site. This will usually include the size and species of each tree as well as the health and recommendations for retention or removal.

Townplanning consultants

A private townplanning consultant can offer a range of services. This may include preliminary design advice, written reports for planning applications or acting as your advocate throughout the to planning process.

Landscape Design

A detailed plan showing the location and species of all proposed planting as well as features such as paving, paths and decks.

Energy rating Reports

A report detailing the building requirements to achieve the specified energy rating, including materials and insulation.

Arborist Report

An arborist will prepare a report detailing the species, height, health and retention value of all the trees on and around your site. The arborist will also specify any protection requirements for trees that are to be retained.

Structural Engineering

A structural engineer specifies the structural components of your projects. This may include footings, beams, posts, lintels, retaining walls, etc.

Civil Engineering

A civil engineer is generally required to provide a stormwater drainage design to the requirements of the local council.

Building Surveying and Inspections

A building permit is required prior to any construction.